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Bounce On in Pueblo

Set up procedures: 

Please be aware Bounce On may use stakes to secure the inflatable.
Bounce On and its delivery personnel are not responsible for any broken water, power, communication or gas lines. It is the customer’s responsibility to know where the lines are and notify Bounce On prior to set up.

Please be ready to inform driver of the existence of any underground utilities(water, power, communication or gas lines) that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor equipment. Customer assumes responsibility for any damage to underground equipment, or landscaping resulting from equipment installation.

The following step can prevent an interruption of service or a potentially hazardous situation:
Call 811 before you dig. 

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Weather Policy
We make every effort to set up for each and every rental reservation; however the safety of your children is our top priority. Bounce On reserves the right to make the final decision to cancel a rental due to inclement weather. . If this is the case, we will contact you the day prior or the morning of your event to discuss options. We cannot set up in high winds or if it is actively raining due to increased chance of injury or electrocution. If it’s raining we will not deliver. With a chance of 40 percent rain or greater we will not deliver. If it's too windy 15- 20 mph or greater or wind gusts we cannot set up a bounce unit. If weather conditions change after delivery and set-up, and the weather becomes unfavorable, there are no refunds. 

WARNING: INFLATABLE UNITS MUST NEVER BE USED WHEN WET INSIDE and/or WHEN WINDS ARE 20MPH OR MORE. Inflatables become very slippery and dangerous when wet. In these situations the inflatable unit MUST be evacuated and deflated until the winds die down and/or the rain stops. Once the storm passes re-inflate the unit and dry off the inside before using the unit again.​​

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